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Wanaka Ski Season: Some Tips For You

Wānaka's ski season is just around the corner, so we've put together some info for you. We hope it helps you plan your next ski holiday with us. Looking forward to seeing you.

Scheduled opening dates: Cardrona - 26 June 2020,  Treble Cone - 27 June 2020, Snow Farm, 19 June 2020.

Does it snow in Wānaka?

During the winter months, officially June – August, it may snow in the town of Wanaka.  It just depends on the season and how cold it gets. There may be falls of snow two or three times during a season.

Generally, if there is snow on the ground in Wanaka it will only stay for a few days, before melting.

The good news is that if it snows on the ground in Wanaka, the snow on the mountains will be awesome for skiing and riding!
September is spring-time but it can still snow, so always keep aware of the weather forecast.

When is the best month for skiing and riding?

The ski season usually runs from June until end of September, sometimes into October.

The most popular months for skiing and riding are July and August. July is when most New Zealand and Australian schools have their holidays. August is often favoured by those with no kids.

In June and July, the days can be the coldest but the snow often at its best. The shortest day is in late June, hence the colder weather.

During late August and September, the days are longer and can be considerably warmer. In September and October it is possible to ski in a tee-shirt! These months can be a nice time to learn as it isn’t as cold (you fall over a lot!) and the days are longer.

Which ever month you choose, be assured that skiing on Wanaka’s high snow laden mountains are exhilarating and fun.

What months are the ski season?

Wanaka’s ski season runs from early June until end of September, sometimes into early October.

Most of the ski areas have equipment to make artificial snow if required, so they can start skiing even when there is little natural snow.

Can you heli-ski in Wānaka

Absolutely! The mountains around Wanaka have some of the best heli-skiing and riding you could ever imagine.

Go skiing and riding for a day via helicopter. The number of thigh-burning runs you do, depends on your level of expertise.
You’ll also need skis suited for powder conditions. Unlike the ski resorts (which are groomed), the heli-ski slopes are completely untouched!
Heli-skiing in Wanaka is a perfect day out.

Can you do cross-country skiing in Wānaka?

Wanaka is home to New Zealand’s only ski area, SnowfarmNZ. Also known as cross-country skiing, this arguably is the best cardio work-out you can do on the snow.  Your skis slide along special trails, so you need your arms and poles to propel you along. As your skis stay on the snow there is no impact on your joints, but it definitely gets your heart pumping!

Does Wānaka have an airport?

Yes, Wanaka does have an airport which is very busy with scenic flights, skydiving flights, heli-ski and scenic helicopter flights.

Presently there are no scheduled services from commercial airlines.

Is there snow in September in New Zealand?

On the mountains around Wanaka there is usually lots of snow on the slopes.  It would be quite rare for snow to fall in Wanaka itself in September.
The ski areas are usually still open in September.  Even though it is official the first month of the New Zealand spring, there is still great skiing to be enjoyed. The days are longer and just a bit warmer…in September you could even ski in your tee-shirt!

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