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Craft Beer

We've carefully curated the very best craft beer from our local brewers for you to enjoy.


Using pure ingredients and alpine water to create hand crafted, micro brewed beers -in simple terms, they make darn good beer. 

Cardrona Golden Lager

A classic golden all malt lager with a smooth malty biscuit-like sweetness and a mild hop bitter finish. A deliciously quaffable beer that celebrates the pioneering spirit of the folk from the days of Cardrona’s Gold.

Brewski Pilsner

Crisp, floral hop aroma with a rich malty sweetness that is beautifully balanced by its spicy hop bitterness.

Black Peak Coffee Stout

A rich malty black beer infused with coffee. Moderate hop addition with a dry roasted finish. The stout’s deep chocolate colour and caramel sweetness are derived from the heavily kilned and roasted malts.

Mount Iron Low Alcohol Ale

A Light thirst quencher ale packed full of Hop and Malt flavour

LakeCider Dry Apple

Like bobbing for apples in lake Wanaka during Autumn, it is clean, bright and refreshing

Treble Cone Wheat Beer

A treble hopped wheat ale that’s full bodied and has plenty of character. A thirst quencher for every season that feels like an off-piste ride at TC.


Renowned for their modern and playful take on craft beer, an ever-fluid portfolio keeps the punters guessing with seasonal sessionable brews

Joy Rider Pale Ale

A perfectly balanced English malt built with US hops for a stone-fruit forward, clean, and refreshing Pale Ale.

Happy Pils German Pilsner

With heaps of Czech Saaz hops for a dry, crisp, and slightly black pepper like spice quick finish. Refreshing and clean.

Mt Alpha IPA

An old school IPA with heaps of NZ and US big super star hops all huddled up with a clean fermentation profile. High perceived bitterness & peaking stone fruit flavours.


Refreshing sessionable craft beers, using as many local New Zealand ingredients as possible to ensure a unique flavour profile you won’t find anywhere else

B.Cider Dry Hopped Apple

A not so traditional apple cider; dry hopped with Wai-iti and Mandarian Bavaria Hops followed by a fermentation with our wine and ale yeast blend, which combines with the fruity apple notes and aromas to add hints of stone fruit including peaches & apricot characteristics. 

Wanaka Lager

Vienna malt provides a firm base and contributes a malty sweetness. Pacifica hops impart bitterness to balance, and a hint of noble aromas. Refreshing, crisp and simple.

Hazy IPA

Tropical and citrus hop flavours with an upfront juicy profile, which is then followed by a hint of pineapple and berry with a soft bitterness to balance.

Pop'n Pils

A bold New Zealand Pilsner, using NZ malt matched with Kohatu, Nelson Sauvin, and Riwaka hops. This creates a hoppy Pilsner perfect for up the lake, or after a day skiing & riding.

Press Send Pale Ale

a Pale Ale with an upfront toasty profile.

Seas The Day (Mango Sour)

A citrusy-sweet sour that’s perfect from sunup to sundown. Tropical aromas of mango and lime lead the way while the salt provides a smooth undercurrent. Seas the Day is a perfectly refreshing, golden sour with juicy citrus and just a hint of salt that will leave you reaching for more.


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