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The Edgewater Restaurant

Seasonal menus and stunning views of Lake Wānaka — our Restaurant is open every day from 7 am till late.

Our Philosophy

By choosing local, we not only celebrate the rich flavours and quality of the Central Otago region, but also foster a stronger connection to our community and reduce our environmental footprint. Experience the true essence of culinary excellence while contributing to a more sustainable future through our commitment to utilising our local food suppliers.

Hands holding carrots outside Edgewater Wanaka restaurant

Enjoy the sustenance of nature’s ingredients

Edgewater Wanaka's Restaurant, a great location right on the lakeshore where you can relax with your loved ones.
Wanaka food - pork belly plated with seasonal greens and apple sauce
Chef Chris can cook you dinner in wanaka at Edgewater hotel

Our Chef

Edgewater offers contemporary cuisine inspired by the local land. The menu is centered around sustainability, changing every season to match the abundance of quality ingredients found in the Central Otago region. To honor and respect the environment and journey from paddock to plate we embrace the philosophy of not letting anything go to waste, proudly embracing cuts of meat that might otherwise be exported or wasted, adding an exciting element to dishes, and introducing guests to something they may not have tried. We endeavor to source produce that is thoughtfully grown and harvested and consciously ask questions to our suppliers and supply chain to ensure that our principles and philosophies match.

— Chris Nelson, Executive Chef

Seasonal Menus

Savour the outstanding New Zealand cuisine at our Edgewater Wanaka restaurant and enjoy the wide range of fresh produce on our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Dine on the surrounding outdoor terrace area, and soak up the spectacular scenery and ambiance of Lake Wānaka.

Enjoy in-room dining at Edgewater Wanaka

In-room Deliveries

Enjoy our seasonal menu from the comfort of your room. Served from 5pm - 8:30pm.

Our Night Owl menu is available from late - 7am.

A ground of friends enjoying Edgewater's wanaka cafe

Special Occasions

Treasure priceless moments with loved ones on special occasions. Edgewater Lake Wānaka offers the ideal setting to cherish those memorable times while ensuring every detail is taken care of.